Downtown St. Louis.

I’m restarting a blog that I hope will help us be more creative and more formal. The above picture is one of my favorites. It has two parts.  The left is one frame of a time-lapse from a camera set up in my lab.  I computed the principle components of that video which decomposes the way the images change into a set of overlay images that can be added or subtracted to create (approximately) each of the original frames. The right image is a false color image, where the red, green, and blue channels are made from the first 3 principle components.

PCA has long been used for things such as face recognition, but also highlights structural components of a scene captured over time by a static camera.

This blog is part of a suite of tools that we use as a lab. I think the best use of blog posts are for moderately long updates that capture where you are in your project, recent successes or failures, and perhaps write-ups of related papers that you have read. One useful post, that both serves as an example of a good blog post, and is full of practical useful advise is this last post from my former student Austin Abrams.

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